Kasco Water Circulators/Mixers are ideal for creating water flow in municipal water tanks, ponds or lakes. This movement adds vital oxygen to your water. In addition to helping control temperature and prevent thermal stratification, circulators in municipal water tanks and reservoirs offer a safe means for even distribution of chemical safety additives.

In freshwater applications, Kasco Water Circulators/Mixers will help prevent winter-kill conditions in seasons with thick ice and heavy snow. Through the continuous addition of oxygen circulation in the water, fish have year round access to the nutrients they need to stay alive. Additionally, circulators can be used to provide de-icing benefits. Circulators can create open water areas in winter conditions by bringing warm water from the bottom of a water body to the top. Through this cycling of water, ice formation is prevented and water bound structures are protected from damage.

For the safety and quality of your water in any application, Kasco Water Circulator/Mixers have proven time and again to deliver the highest quality standard in water aeration.


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