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Preparing Your Pond For Winter 0

Winter is here and it’s time to start thinking about preparing your pond for the winter months. This is especially true for those of us living in the cold northern climates who deal with freezing temperatures and ponds that freeze over.  Here are 5 Tips for Proper Winter Pond Care If you are using Macro-Zyme™

  • Abdul Anwar

Eliminating Undesirable Aquatic Plants 0

" We came across this article and just wanted repost it. It has a lot of great information on cattails and other unwanted pond and lake plants."Summertime is here with plant life in full bloom! Plant enthusiasts scurry to tend and coax their flower beds, gardens and green landscaping into dense, lush growths to be [...]

Severe Winter Leads to Fish Winterkill 0

I can't tell you how many calls we have received already about fish kills this winter in their ponds and lakes. With the extreme cold, thick ice, and heavy snow cover this winter in many parts of the country, winterkill will be an unwelcome but, most likely, a common occurrence this spring as ponds open in the [...]

6 More Weeks of Winter 0

PUNXSUTAWNEY, PA. — Will we have an early spring, or will winter stretch on until mid-March? According to Groundhog Phil, the world's most famous furry forecaster, there are six more weeks of winter ahead this year.According to legend, if it's cloudy when the groundhog emerges, Phil will leave his burrow, signifying that winter will end soon. If it's sunny out, [...]

Surface Aeration versus Bottom Up Aeration 0

Have you come across a foul smelling pond overrun by aquatic plants and static water? If so, it probably made you do a 180-degree turn so you could move away from the unsightly pond of water. However, there are many things pond owners can do to ensure their pond retains its scenic and healthy appearance. Ponds [...]

Why You Need to Aerate Your Pond 0

Imagine if you didn’t brush your teeth for one week. Strange and bad things would happen to your teeth and your mouth, and no one would want to be around you. It’s a similar situation for ponds and lakes—if nothing gets moved around within the basin, refreshed and cleaned, no one will want to go [...]