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For nearly two decades, Absolute Aquatics has been a trusted name in aeration equipment and water management markets. Whether you have a small private lake all the way out on your rural property or a retention pond in your suburban neighborhood, aeration is integral to maintaining the environment of your pond. This even holds true with treating commercial wastewater and industrial wastewater application.  Absolute Aquatics deals with all these projects and more on a daily basis.

Absolute Aquatics uses Kasco Marine, Otterbine, EasyPro, Gast, Busch Compressor branded equipment just to name a few insuring that you get the highest quality products. Aeration promotes water circulation and injects oxygen into the water, decreasing the buildup of harmful gasses and helps to reduce algae growth, making the management of your pond or lake much easier. 

The team at Absolute Aquatics always puts the customer first, and works to support their clients even long after the sale has been made. In the unlikely event of equipment failure, Absolute Aquatics will work with you to make sure the problem is fixed as quickly as possible.

For high-quality pond aeration equipment and everything you need to keep your pond, lake or wastewater operation moving smoothly, turn to the aeration and water experts at Absolute Aquatics. Take a look through our online inventory now or call today at 888-776-3159 to discuss your project and your needs to find the perfect solution for you.

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